Tyler Petty (and yes I mean Petty) is ruining my Netflix experience

Recently Netflix made seasons 3 and 4 of the Boondocks available for streaming. It’s really been a long time coming since season 3 was released to tv 5 years go, nonetheless I was still excited about the release. I knew JUST what episode I wanted to start with. Season 3 episode 8 “Pause” ( I definitely had to google the episode name and number), the episode where Aaron Mcgruder pokes fun at Tyler Perry productions. I log on to Netflix only to find that the shit wasn’t even there!!!!!! I was disappointed to say the least. For those of you that have never seen the episode, essentially, Granddad auditions for a leading role in a “Winston Jerome” play which features singing and dancing peppered with christian thematic undertones. Mcgruder’s satirical take on the popular series also stars a feisty, gun toting grandmother by the name of Ma’dukes. Granddad ends up earning the role as Ma’duke’s leading man, only to find out he’s being sucked into a “gay christian theater cult” and hilarity ensues.

The episode aired on television all of two times basically due to Tyler Perry fans being up in arms, urging Aaron Mcgruder to be sued because of this. Turner Broadcasting, who owns the network that airs Tyler Perry’s shows as well as Adult Swim decided never to air the episode again to appease Perry and his fan base. Whether the blackballing of this episode on tv and Netflix is due mostly to Tyler Perry fans being unable to take a joke, or if Tyler Perry himself didn’t want an easily accessible joke about him being gay in circulation because it contained too much truth, the whole situation was and is petty as hell. It has been 5 YEARS since this episode has aired. Tyler Perry has since had multiple successful television shows as well as movies. Learn to laugh at yourself bruh, not everyone is gonna like you. Bask in the flattery, because whether people like it or not, you have made your mark in popular culture and there’s absoltely no way that a 20 minute satirical cartoon about your work would undo that. Just saying…


6 thoughts on “Tyler Petty (and yes I mean Petty) is ruining my Netflix experience

  1. I wondered why I haven’t seen that episode! I just never understood what happened behind that! And honestly Aaron McGruder has made hundreds of episodes laughing at various people in the entertainment industry and you don’t see them blocking airtime. Even Mos Def is the voice of a gay rapper on the show! Is Mos Def gay? Who cares! IT’S COMEDY! IF MOS DEF CAN TAKE ON THE JOB OF BEING A GAY RAPPER what is wrong with the gay director episode? Folk need to stop letting fame go to they head


  2. Aaron McGruder ‘s episodes are also about awareness, if you follow the bouncing ball with the Huey (Huey Newton) and do the research on black history. So I’m guessing Ol Tyler P there didn’t like a bit more than just being called gay as that was only one point he poked at. He also poked at how simple his story lines are, how cult like the culture is for performers, and the ridiculous hypocritical love for White Jesus. He also was setting up for the season 4 finale the new black.


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